Payday loans at Shore Solutions Ltd. – fast, reliable cash assistance

Facing financial hurdles before your next payday? Shore Solutions Ltd. offers a streamlined solution with our short-term payday loans.

Why choose our payday loans?

Competitive interest rates: a manageable 10% simple weekly interest rate.

Flexible loan duration: ideal for short-term needs, available for up to one month.

Quick access to funds: borrow up to $500.00 with same-day processing; no collateral is needed.

How to apply:

  • Download the client intake form: visit our website to download the form.
  • Identity verification: attach a copy of your passport.
  • Proof of employment: include your latest job letter for income verification.
  • Specify loan requirements: indicate your desired loan amount and the planned repayment date.
Post-approval process:

Loan agreement: we’ll send the agreement for your signature upon approval.

Rapid disbursement: once the agreement is signed, we quickly transfer the funds to your account
Questions or assistance?:

Contact us at for any inquiries or help.

Download Client Intake Form

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